Is Telegram inu safe; Things to know about Telegram inu

Welcome back again to newcoinshunt where we talk about some newly listed cryptocurrencies in the market and check or review some of their benefits.

Today we’re going to be talking about the newly launched coin named Telegram inu (TINU) and check out some of its futures.

The Cryptocurrency market is filled with lots of coins for investors and still, surprisingly more coins are coming out every day that’s why an investor or an individual investing needs to be very careful while choosing the one to buy and always invest the amount you’re willing to lose, never forget that!!!

Without wasting much of your time here let’s talk about the newly launched coin called “Telegram inu (TINU)”.

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What is Telegram inu

Telegram inu, also a charity base token built under Binance smart chain is a dog pet of Telegram. Telegram Inu is also a decentralized staking protocol backed by an Audited code and built for banking efficiency. 

It bases its ecosystem to utilize and design token volume which will generate passive income for the community and its holders.

The NFT project is one of a kind suite of independent applications generated to provide revenue from various activities such as trading NFTs coins and other utilities. Telegram inu ($TINU) BuyBack & Burn system net profits are generated 100% from its utilities.

Founders of Telegram inu TINU

The founders of Telegram inu are anonymous people who focus more on the progress of the NFT coin. One of them is pronounced to be a highly skilled web developer and the other is a marketer. 

The company’s social media, SEO, and content is been managed by the one who is the marketer. He’s known to have about 5 years of experience in SEO and marketing promotion. 

Is Telegram inu Safe 

Asking if the Telegram inu ($TINU) coin is safe, from our predictions the answer is “NO”. This is because NFT coins like this are more likely to crash so it’s better to take a low risk and do your own research (DYOR) 

According to the project, the token is a safe decentralized charity token built to run smart transactions and help in need. 

Is Telegram inu a good investment 

Telegram inu is a new coin in the market having a 24-hour trading volume of about $200k. Investments are always risky, so asking this kind of question you must be aware of the risk and be ready to invest.

Coins like Telegram inu are mainly known to crash in a short time, but also can provide about 1,000x to 10,000x when returning your investment. 

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From our predictions Telegram inu might be a good investment according to their whitepaper, but it’s also advisable for you to take your own risk, research more, and invest the amount you’re willing to lose. 

Visit the Telegram inu website for more information about the project. 

Road map of Telegram inu


  • Website V1 Deployed 
  • Stealth Launch 
  • Build a Community 
  • Lock Liquidity 
  • Initial Marketing
  • Voting Site Listing 


  • Website Utilities
  • ADS
  • Staking Platform
  • TELEGRAMINU Market Place
  • Wave 2 Marketing


  • Influencers  Partnership
  • Big Marketing   Push
  • CG &  CMC Application
  • 1000   Holders


  • Additional Utility Building
  • Cex Listing 
  • All Out Marketing 
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Press Release 

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Where to buy Telegram inu

Telegram inu is a new charity cryptocurrency that aimed to help people who are in need. It’s currently traded on pancakeswap and expected to be listed on other exchanges as time goes by… 

So my friend it’s left to you to choose and invest wisely and don’t forget to stay with us as we work on dropping another update about the price prediction of the coin. 

Please Note that predictions are not always accurate, but we will take our time to check and calculate very well to give you some of the best results thank you… 

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