Biography and life background of Adibe

Adibe is a young Nigerian Crypto trader that mostly deals in Defi, NFTs, and metaverse coins.

He was born on the 9th of February, 2001 in Ojo Lagos and was named David Ifeanyi Adibe at his naming ceremony.

Life and Educational background of Adibe

Adibe also known as David Ifeanyi was born into a family with him and his two sisters. He was raised by his mother alone. 

This is because of the problem his parents had when he was still a kid. The mother and he had to move to somewhere else to stay.

Adibe David Ifeanyi is from Orlu IMO state Nigeria and has been based in Lagos with his mother since childhood. He is the first son, which means he’s the next head of his family. 

He went to a Government primary and finished his secondary School education in a federal school named Command Day Secondary School Ojo (CDSS) as a Social and humble student. After a year he got admission to Abia State University (ABSU) Uturu.

He has always wanted to be a businessman just as his mother is a businesswoman also. but because there was no money for him to start some business, he started learning about digital currencies. 

While in school he learned about cryptocurrency, digital currencies, Defi, and others till he became very good at it.

Although he didn’t have any money to start investing, then he started looking out for investors who wants to trade and start helping them in trades in terms that they will pay him some commissions every month. 

He did this and use some of the money gotten from the trades for his own trades and investments.

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Professional career of Adibe 

Although David is still a student and is yet to graduate means he still has some ways or things to go through. He started his investment at a very young age in the year 2021 having a lot of assets in the Crypto market worth about $10,000. 

Adibe David has a big dream of becoming one of the biggest whale investors in the Crypto market from Africa, as he chooses to be an investor that will be investing in stocks, crypto, and buying shares. 

He has a Telegram channel and a WhatsApp group where he teaches people about cryptocurrencies for free and gives them good signals for trades. This is because he has a passion for donating funds to charity for the poor.

Hobbies and likes of Adibe

David loves music so much, that he’s a big fan of top musicians like juice wrld, Rihanna, Elderbrook, and others.

Sports is another special thing loved by a lot of people especially football and car racing, he loves this two mostly. He’s a big fan of Manchester United. 

When he was a little boy he always wanted to be a footballer that would play for his best club Manchester United but that was his thoughts back then though. He has grown and now understands life better.

He also likes cooking as well. This is because when he was with his mother alone, his mother thought him a lot about how to cook very well.

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